Dealbit Program Terms and Conditions

Dealbit is a service that allows its members to earn digital currency on purchases made at our partner retailers. Dealbit receives a fee for referring buyers to affiliated stores and uses that fee to pay members digital currency on their orders. This member agreement gives a full overview of Dealbit’s program and what to expect.

Your Dealbit Account

To participate in Dealbit, members mut be at least eighteen years old and must provide an email address. This is required so Dealbit can notify you when digital currency is credited towards their accounts. We also use a email address and password to grant access to digital wallets that members will control. Dealbit is not responsible for any unauthorized breach of your password and strongly recommends you use 2-Factor Authentication to protect yourself.

Earning Digital Currency

Earning back a portion of your purchase in digital currency is easy. Simply find a link to a store, product, coupon that appeals to you, click it to navigate to the affiliated store and complete a purchase to earn a percentage back of your payment amount. When your purchase is confirmed by the affiliate partner, Dealbit procures the promised amount of the indicated digital currency at the market price and transfers it to your wallet.

There are some possible issues that would prevent the earning of digital currency. The most common issue is disabling cookies on your computer. Dealbit and its partners rely on cookies to verify what purchases have been made, so it’s important that they are enabled. Additionally, if you visit certain sites before completing your order, your purchase could be associated with another service other than Dealbit and you might not earn digital currency back on your purchase.

Receiving Digital Currency

Please note that earning the digital currency does not mean you are able to use it yet. Dealbit only receives payment after the return period is over, which may take up to 30 days. Once the payment is complete, the digital currency reward in your wallet will be released for transfer or use.

Limitation of Content Liability

Dealbit will do our best to make sure to make sure exclusions and affiliate policies are kept up to-date for each store partner, but may include inaccuracies.

Please be aware that participation in the Program and the opportunity to earn cash back are offered at the sole discretion of Ebates, and Ebates has the right to change this Agreement in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.